Practice-Based Research Network for Evidence-Based Dentistry:  Professor Francesco Chiappelli, Ph.D., Director (fchiappelli@ebd-pbrn.org)

The Practice-Based Research Network for Evidence-Based Dentistry (aka, evidence-based decisions in dentistry practice-based research network, EBD-PBRN) is an entity having the UCLA School of Dentistry at is core - specifically the EBD Study Group, which arises from Professor Chiappelli EBD Research Group at UCLA, as well as the Dental Clinic and the Oral Pathology unit, and the NIH-funded UCLA Clinical and Translational Science Institute (CTSI). The EBD-PBRN partners with several dental practices in the community in Los Angeles and Orange Counties, including Mission Community Hospital-San Fernando Campus, as well as across the nation extending to Florida.  In addition, the EBD-PBRN has several international partners, including the dental schools at King Abdul University in Saudi Arabia, Lisbon University (Center for EBD) in Portugal, Belo Horizonte University (Brazilian Association for EBD) in Brazil, and the Tyrrhenian Institute of Stomatology in Italy, to insure the global nature of the endeavors of the EBD-PBRN, which can be simply summarized in two words:  Translational Effectiveness.  The EBD-PBRN, in line with the conceptualization of translational effectiveness proffered by the Agency for Health Research & Quality, defines it as the patient-centered translation of the best available evidence, obtained through the systematic, validated and hypothesis-driven process of research synthesis, in specific clinical settings.

The administrative structure of the EBD-PBRN involves:
Francesco Chiappelli, Ph.D., Director (Professor, UCLA School of Dentistry; Fellow, American Association for the Advancement of Science for contribution to this field)
Olivia S. Cajulis, D.D.S., Associate Director (owner: Dental Group of Sherman Oaks, Inc.)
Manisha H. Ramchandani, D.D.S., Coordinator (including coordinator of our group of stakeholders)
The EBD-PBRN is recognized and endorsed by the EBD Center of the American Dental Association. The EBD-PBRN is registered in the AHRQ Registry of practice-based research networks (AHRQ PBRN Resource Center at pbrnrc@umn.edu).    

Francesco Chiappelli,
Jan 21, 2012, 1:46 PM